What is Instant Payments?

Instant Payments is a secure online payment method that enables consumers to make payments to online merchants directly from their bank account.

How does Instant Payments work?

Instant Payments enables consumers to make payments to merchants using funds from their bank account. A consumer must select the Instant Payments by Citadel option on a merchant's cashier page, log in to his/her bank account using the same credentials used to access online banking, and approve the transaction.

Can I use Instant Payments? What is needed to use Instant Payments?

To use the service, you must be at least 18 years old and have a bank account at one of our supported financial institutions.

Do I need an Instant Payments account?

No, you do not need to create an Instant Payments account to use the service. Instant Payments can be used immediately as long as you have an active account at one of our supported financial institutions with sufficient funds to complete the payment.

Instant Payments is not a financial institution or an ewallet and, therefore, no account is needed to use the service.

Are there limits on the amount I can transmit to an online merchant?

Consumers are given a limit the first time they submit a payment. The limit will depend on which bank is used and to which merchant the funds are transferred. If you use more than one bank to make payments, your limit may be different depending on the bank. Your updated limit will be displayed at the end of each payment.

How do I increase my spending limit?

Your spending limit will increase automatically as you accumulate a history of successful payments using Instant Payments.

How do I review the transactions I've made through Instant Payments?

You can view your transaction history by logging in to your bank account or checking your bank statement. All Instant Payments transactions will appear as fund transfers to Citadel Commerce.

Payments with Instant Payments

Which devices are supported by Instant Payments?

Consumers can make payments using Instant Payments from desktop computers (MAC or PC) as well as from mobile devices (smartphones or tablets).

What personal information is collected by Instant Payments?

We only collect information necessary to complete a payment and maintain your account history. Consumers’ bank login and security information is never captured or stored, and we will not share any information collected during the payment process with any 3rd party unless required by law.

I tried making a payment and received a message that I have reached my spending limit. What should I do?

At the end of the payment process, we will display your remaining spending limit. You can adjust the amount of your next payment to fit within the current limit. Alternatively, you can try again in a day or two.

Can I pay for purchases from different bank accounts?

You can use any bank account registered in your name to make payments, however you cannot split a single payment between more than one bank account.

How will payments I make using Instant Payments appear on my bank statement?

All payments made using Instant Payments, as well as refunds issued to you by a merchant via Citadel, will appear on your bank statement as "Citadel Commerce".

When will the funds come out of my bank account?

In most cases, after approving your transaction the funds will be debited from your bank account instantly or the next business day.

What do I do if the merchant doesn't deliver the goods or services I purchase using Instant Payments?

Please contact the merchant directly to resolve the issue.

What happens when I receive funds from a merchant?

Funds credited to you by a merchant will automatically be deposited into your bank account and will appear on your bank statement as an incoming transfer by "Citadel Commerce".

How long will it take for the funds sent by a merchant to be available in my bank account?

The funds will be credited to your bank account within 1-3 business days after the merchant requests a transfer. The specific time depends on how long it takes for funds to clear through the banking network and appear in your bank account.